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Kidane Henry

Founder/CEO- President

I am a lucky husband to an amazing wife, proud father of four young adult soccer players and a toddler! I have over 15 years’ experience as an educator, coach and mentor. I started this company five years ago to meet a critical and pressing need. 99% of American soccer players are not being identified by coaches and scouts. We have developed a global network of coaches and scouts in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Brazil, Ecuador, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua, and England, with more countries coming online soon. I am honored to be a part of a company that uses the platform of soccer to radically transform the lives of millions of athletes worldwide.


Derrick Riviere

Director of Player Advancement-

Derrick is a United States Marine Veteran who has experience in News and Sports production. He has experience coordinating interviews with athletes and coaches.
Derrick loves all sports but soccer is his favorite. Derrick is dedicated to growing the Synced brand and helping players achieve their goals. Derrick understands that soccer is a global sport that brings all people together. It is important to him that underserved children who play soccer have an opportunity to advance to the next competitive level. He believes in the project that Synced Soccer is undertaking to aid underserved soccer athletes in the area.


Eisenhower George-Kalagbor

Account Manager

I am a professional footballer and have played all my life.I have coaching and extensive mentoring experience. I am proud to be a part of the future Synced Soccer is building; where the transition for athletes is simplified ,with the backing of a solid programme and support system, from and organization that always puts its students and athletes first. I was born and raised in Nigeria, and came over to the United States in 2014 and have first hand experience of the transition process of coming to a brand new country thousands of miles away from home, which is why I am an a college account manager not just for local students here in the United State, but Internationally. Synced Soccer excels in making the transition seamless so you (International students ) have one less thing to worry about.


Yolanda Henry

Director of Grants & Educational Programs

Yolanda Henry has spent the last sixteen years serving as an educator. Providing resources and educational opportunities to others is a passion of hers. Yolanda has experience in project managing/writing grants, technology integration, professional development, and team collaboration. She believes that being resourceful helps to solve problems and achieve goals. Yolanda warrants her resourcefulness to being a Christian, married ;helping raise 5 children and teaching in the classroom. Some of her greatest accomplishments are becoming a mother /wife and being awarded Teacher of the Year. Yolanda has been with Synced Soccer Inc. since 2014. She feels that Synced Soccer vision will increase her opportunities to provide resources to individuals and the community.


Janira Rodriguez

Director of Leadership Development

Janira Rodriguez is a John C. Maxwell certified coach and facilitator. She is passionate about adding value to others through leadership development and personal growth with the mission of causing transformational growth. She has 18 years of teaching experience and 2 years of academic coaching experience in the education field. Janira also is a certified DISC Human Behavior Consultant. Her passion in this area is to help people understand themselves and others so that people can create and experience stronger relationships and build effective teams. Janira is honored to be a part of a company that uses the platform of soccer to invest in the lives of millions of athletes world wide to cause radical transformation.


Shaquille Henry

Director of Organizational Developme

Shaquille Henry received his early childhood education at the Beacon Light Nazarene Academy then he later moved on to the Sunnyside Tutorial School where he completed his primary education in the small twin island of Antigua and Barbuda. He was then awarded a scholarship to the Princess Margaret Secondary. While attending Princess Margaret Secondary, he was deeply involved with sports especially soccer. He was called up to train with the U16 national youth team of Antigua and Barbuda. In his late teens, Shaquille migrated to Florida, USA to continue his education at Astronaut High School. After high school he attended and graduated from Brevard Community College with an Associate Degree.


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